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For admission, entrance test is a must through the awareness in the Subject of English and Maths are assessed. It is not based on any specific text book. However, the standard will be that of the proceeding class of the class in which the admission is sought.


In an academic year with a view to assess/evaluate the progress of student. Three unit tests and three terminal examinations namely first, second and final term examinations are held in the months of August, November and March respectively. Report cards are handed over to parents only.

B Minimum Pass Percentage in each subject is 40% A student has to pass in written, oral and practical examination separately, where ever applicable.

B No student without a minimum of 75% of Total attendance will be allowed to appear in the final examination.

B Student absent from an examination/unit test for any reason will not be re-examined.

B Student absent from an examination/unit test because of illness must produce a medical certificate from an authorised doctor.

b Unsatisfactory progress in studies, insufficient attendance, a serious misconduct, non-payment of fee etc. constitute sufficient cause to debar a student from appearing in the final examination.

-: Nursery :-

In nursery class a child learns to use some media to express his imagination. He starts using pencil and paper, begins with scribbling strokes and then capital alphabets, number and Hindi letters, Orals General Dance, Games are the different subjects. As he is stepping into the world of literacy Montessori method has been preferred where individual attention is given.

-: Kindergarten:-

Here the child makes full use of his fingers, Reading and writing two or three letter words in Hindi and English using small printing letters is taught, Counting, addition, subtraction table in Maths, Arts, Story Times, Phonic Sounds, Dance, Music is also taught in groups using kindergarten method. In this class teachers are flexible to use the suitable method as per the mood and intellectual level of the child counselling is also given when required.


It is the turning point where child is being prepared to face the vast syllabus of Primary Section. Emphasis is laid on handwriting and conceptual clarity rather than cramming the books in order to give more of vision, hearing and speaking practice.

Pre-Primary Section

Pre-Primary school is an extended house for children. A teacher is a mother, friend, guide and philosopher for the child. Hence there is a team of trained experience, motivated, result oriented and affectionate teacher who understand child psychology to interact in such way as to ensure all round development. Children move around here with lot of confidence without hesitation. The atmosphere is informal and full of love and affection. Children are taught good manners and etiquettes unconsciously while they are playing.

Primary section

In primary classes English, Hindi, Maths, EVS, General Knowledge Music, Dance, Drawing and Craft are main subjects.

Play group :-

The Dalton Method which is tension free is adopted for this group where more vision and hearing practice is given to the child of 2 yrs. Rhymes Aerobics, Pool Activity, Counting, Block joining, Recognizing the number and alphabets, colouring the picture, in order to make the finger grip stronger and many more other interesting activities are done depending upon the moods of the child.

Promotion :-

A cummulative record of the progress in each unit test and term examination is maintained and due weightage is given in the examination result. Student has to pass and obtain min of 40% marks in each subject in oral, written as well in practical separately.